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Molinaro speech takes high road

Oct 31, 2018 10:00 am
Jillian Jorgensen reports in The New York Daily News that on Oct. 30 Republican candidate for governor Marc Molinaro did not mention Donald Trump by name, but painted a stark contrast between himself and the president. Molinaro praised the press, quoted a Kennedy, and called for love and unity at a breakfast held by the Association for a Better New York. “It is unacceptable, and yes it is unacceptable for a president it is unacceptable for a governor it is unacceptable for a county executive to stand before anyone and say anything other than we ought to combat what is anger and intolerance and hatred, we ought to combat it with love,” Molinaro said. Through most of the campaign, Molinaro has tried to stay away from the mud-slinging, but his opponent Democrat Andrew Cuomo has at times goaded him in to the dirt. But the events of the last week -- African-Americans murdered for their race in Kentucky, pipe bombs mailed to political opponents, and the slaying of 11 at a Pittsburgh synagogue -- have moderated Molinaro's campaign speeches, and he spoke about Robert Kennedy at the breakfast. “Now I know what it sounds like to have a Republican candidate for anything stand in front of you and suggest that love is more valuable or more important than anger or hate,” he said. “As somebody who cares deeply about my community, the people I serve and most importantly about what my kids think of me, I can tell you we would all benefit from taking a lesson from Mr. Kennedy.” read the full story in The New York Daily News.