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Woodstock group saves 29 animals from neglect in PA

Dec 29, 2021 5:45 am

The Daily Freeman is reporting the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary recently rescued 29 animals from a farm in Pennsylvania. The organization said the situation was one of extreme neglect and animal hoarding. Included in the rescue was one cow, two ducks, two goats, four geese and 20 chickens, according to the High Falls-based sanctuary. The Woodstock group worked with other rescuers and sanctuaries, including the Lancaster [Pennsylvania] Farm Sanctuary, which was at the scene for more than a week trying to place hundreds of animals in safe, forever homes. The surviving animals had been exposed to cold weather, were without food and water and were surrounded by dead animals. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Director Hervé Breuil said in a statement, “We weren’t planning on doing another rescue this year, but when I got the call from Lancaster Farm Sanctuary that they needed help with this huge neglect case with hundreds of animals, we couldn’t say ‘no.' These new residents strain our resources, which are already tight due to the pandemic, but our mission is to save the lives of farm animals and we had to step up.” The Woodstock team provided medical care to the rescued animals over the Christmas weekend. Many of the animals were suffering from infections and diseases, and malnourished from long-term neglect. The rescued cow is now housed at the Cornell Animal Hospital in Ithaca, while the other 28 rescued animals are in residence at the sanctuary in High Falls. Read the full story in the Daily Freeman.