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Swimmer completes journey in Hudson River

Sep 14, 2023 12:11 am

The Troy Record reports that Lewis Pugh completed his 315-mile swim of the entire Hudson River. “There is no other river in the whole world where at the source, you’ve got beavers, you’ve got bears, you’ve got vultures,” Pugh said earlier in his journey. “And then at the end, you come underneath the George Washington Bridge and you breathe to your left-hand side and you see these amazing skyscrapers.” He encountered plastic garbage in the river, and drank Pepto-Bismol, rinsed with an antiseptic mouthwash, washed up with surgical soap, and wore ear plugs to keep some of the river's toxicity from his body. Christopher Swain swam the Hudson River in 2004, wearing a wetsuit, while Pugh swam in a Speedo. Assistants followed in a boat and a kayak. Despite legal sewage overflows when it rains, Pugh sang the praises of the Hudson River. He said, “This is the one river in the whole world which can send a message of hope to everybody: That your river — whether it be in Britain, whether it be in France, India, China — that your river can one day be saved.” Read more about this story in the Troy Record.