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Faso lashes out at Democrat candidates

May 31, 2018 12:55 pm
The Mid-Hudson News Network reports that Rep. John Faso attacked the Democrats running against him at the GOP nominating convention May 30 in Kingston. "Most of these guys just moved into the district to run for office,” Faso said. The other thing they're giving us is negativity; they just say no to everything, they oppose everything that we and President Trump try to do. While the other side plays their gender warfare, and identity politics, depending on what group you are part of, that's the wrong way, an un-American point of view. We shouldn't be dividing people by race and gender, and class, and party, and philosophy. We are all Americans.... The other side wants to see an America, where we are divided into segments, based upon what's your color, your ethnicity, your nationality, your sexual preference – this is what the modern Democratic [sic] has become,” Faso continued. “That's why a guy like [Sheriff] Paul Van Blarcum isn't nominated. This is not the party of JFK, of Harry Truman; it's not even the party of Hugh Carey, or Daniel Patrick Moynihan. They've gone so far Left, they don't even know what it means," Faso said. Read the full story in the Mid-Hudson News Network.