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Gibson votes 'no' on Ryan budget

Mar 22, 2013 6:40 am
Jimmy Vielkind is reporting at Capitol Confidential for the second year in a row, Rep. Chris Gibson broke ranks with fellow Republicans to vote against the House of Representatives’ one-house budget drafted by Wisconsin Rep. and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Gibson has said he prefers a bipartisan budget plan along the lines of the proposal he supported in 2012, which specifically protects the middle class and its spending priorities. In 2011, he voted for Ryan’s budget, and was severely criticized for it during his re-election campaign. In a statement released Thurs., Mar. 21, Gibson said that while the Ryan budget is substantive, it is not the best plan for upstate New York. Gibson also opposed the budgets proposed by the House and Senate Democrats. Read the full post at Capital Confidential, a Times Union blog.