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Law would allow guns to be removed after report of domestic violence

Apr 02, 2020 7:45 am
Denis Slattery is reporting for the New York Daily News state lawmakers are expected to approve a measure that would allow police officers to remove guns from a home following a report of domestic violence. The measure, known as the “Safe Homes and Families Act,” gives police the ability to confiscate a weapon found during a search if they are responding to a domestic violence incident. The guns would be held for at least 48 hours. The return of the weapons would depend upon whether any court orders or orders of protection are filed or if the owner is arrested. Eighteen other states have similar laws on the books. Under the existing law, the state did not require law enforcement officers to remove firearms from the scene of a domestic violence incident, even if an arrest was made. A separate piece of legislation proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo would ban state residents from owning guns if they have been convicted of a serious misdemeanor in another state. Both measures were expected to pass as part of the state budget. Read the full story in the New York Daily News.