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Study of studies introduced in Albany

Aug 13, 2019 12:21 am
Bill Mahoney reports at Politico that in Albany, when state legislators can't get something passed, want to delay a proposal, or find out more about an issue, they often call on state agencies to conduct a study. This year alone, there were over 100 pieces of legislation with the phrase “conduct a study” in the title. Now two legislators are backing a bill called “A Study on Studies” that mandates a study of all those studies. State Senator James Skoufis from Orange County and Queens Assemblyperson Brian Barnwell are sponsoring the bill to study studies, and find out if they are wasting time and taxpayer resources. “We do need to, as silly as it sounds, study all of these study bills,” said Skoufis. “Perhaps if nothing else, it will shine a light on this issue and make us think twice about just doing study bills to make a political statement.” Read more about this story at Politico.