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Officials crow over a few affordable apartments in Hudson

Apr 12, 2022 1:02 pm

Noah Eckstein reports for Columbia-Greene Media that Hudson's housing crisis is so sever, that when a few affordable apartments receive preliminary approval from the Historic Preservation Commission, most major city officials crow about it. “I don’t have to tell you guys that we have a housing crisis right now,” Mayor Kamal Johnson said. “Our schools can’t find tutors or coaches because not enough people live here from Monday through Sunday to take on those roles.” The Historic Preservation Commission in Hudson approved what's being called “The Depot District” on April 8. The two buildings at 75 and 76 N. 7th St. will be mixed-income, mixed-use buildings, and "some of the proposed building space will be used for affordable housing" though the story does not indicate how much. But any new affordable housing is needed in the city, according to the Hudson Anti-Displacement Housing Report prepared by Hudson Housing Justice group shows there is limited housing for low- to mid-income level families in the city. “This place is an opportunity to bridge the gap of social distance,” said Quintin Cross, senior adviser for the Hudson/Catskill Housing Coalition. “This is an opportunity for folks like me; without projects like this we will be displaced.” The Historic Preservation Commission only passed a resolution approving the size, roof, fenestration, and storefront designs. The commission still wants the Galvan Foundation, the developers, to present them with material selections before they provide a certificate of appropriateness. Then construction can begin, and a few affordable apartments may be available in two years. Read more about this story at HudsonValley360.com.