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Health officials express concerns about legal pot

Dec 19, 2018 12:00 pm
Bethany Bump is reporting for the Times Union the New York State Association of County Health Officials December 18, expressed concern about the possible legalization of recreational marijuana statewide. The association represents county health departments in New York and cited various health risks associated with marijuana, as it called on lawmakers to "approach legalization thoughtfully and with extreme caution." The association is concerned about what it calls the future high risk of addiction to other drugs, harmful cognitive and academic effects, adverse cardiac and respiratory events, unintentional exposure to children, and crashes resulting from drugged driving. The association is fundamentally opposed to recreational use; however, if legalization happens, it is calling for various safeguards, including setting the legal age of sale at 21; adding marijuana to the Clean Indoor Act, to prevent non-users from second-hand smoke; and, the funding of studies to help evaluate reliable methods of toxicology field-testing and impairment levels to help establish regulations for impaired driving. Read the full story in the Times Union.