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Concerns over Rensselaer dump increase

Feb 28, 2019 12:00 pm
Brian Nearing is reporting for the Times Union state environmental officials want to know how a disposal bag for biohazards wound up in a Rensselaer dump that can legally only accept construction and demolition debris. High winds Feb. 25, blew debris out of the S.A. Dunn dump in Rensselaer and into a fence at the nearby Holy Sepulcher Cemetery. Among the debris was a empty, bright red-and-black bag labeled for biohazards. The state Department of Environmental Conservation has directed the landfill operator to determine where the biohazard bag came from. The agency has also increased its inspections of the landfill. The results of DEC's investigation will determine the need for enforcement actions. Some neighbors of the facility have raised concerns that the dump might be accepting more than construction and demolition debris, such as bricks, Sheetrock, asphalt and more. They have also complained of foul odors and a stream of heavy truck traffic. Read the full story in the Times Union.