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Columbia Co. stretched by the needs of its seniors

Jul 02, 2013 7:02 am
Merry Shiels reports in the Columbia Paper Columbia County Office of the Aging Administrator Kary Jablonka (JAH-blon-kah) reported to the Board of Supervisors Human Services Committee last week that 20 percent of the county’s residents are aged 60 or older, making Columbia the oldest county in the state. Jablonka said the portion of the population over 75 represents the biggest change in the county's demographics. In that group there is a greater likelihood of disability, requiring supportive services, so the county needs to focus on how best to serve an increasingly disabled population. Likening the dilemma to building an airplane that is already in the air, Jablonka said the future will demand the county be responsive and reflect the needs and services of the community. He said major changes are happening and "we need to work at the intersection of politics and good government… to find a way to benefit the aging and disabled population.” Read the full story in the Columbia Paper.