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Newburgh police set up mics around town

Aug 11, 2017 2:30 pm
The Mid-Hudson News Network reports in The Daily Freeman that the Newburgh City Police Department now has an electronic system to precisely identify the location of gunfire. The ShotSpotter system has microphones covering about three square miles of the city to provide real-time information to the police department. Audio data is analyzed instantly. Lieutenant-in-Charge of the department Aaron Weaver said the ShotSpotter technology is, “just one more tool to help the city achieve greater gun violence reduction while getting dangerous weapons and criminals off the street.” San Antonio, Texas police paid $270,000 to put ShotSpotters in part of that city in 2016, but police Chief William McManus said they are not renewing the program. "The measure of success for the police department would be arrests and case closures, and we have not seen it at all. We've gotten four arrests," McManus said. Read the full story in The Daily Freeman.