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Hudson BoE gets details of second semester sports

Mar 10, 2021 5:30 am

Jeanette Wolfberg is reporting for The Columbia Paper at the February 16, regular meeting of the Hudson Board of Education, district Athletic Director and Hudson Junior High School principal Derek Reardon spoke about plans made by Columbia County school districts for sports this semester. There will be three sports seasons: Winter (February 16 to March 13); Fall 2 (March 7 to May 1); and Spring (May 3 to June 25). A few winter sports will not take place because not enough players have signed up, Reardon said, but some basketball and volleyball games are on. “Forty-two student-athletes were tested [for COVID] today, and 42 tested negative,” he said. The Fall 2 season will partially make up for fall sports, including football. Reardon summarized the new rules, including once-a-week rapid testing of players and coaches, no cheerleaders at basketball games, and no spectators. In addition, the players must wear masks at all times, even when playing basketball or football. And if a mask gets saturated with sweat, it must be changed immediately, even during a game. Superintendent Maria Suttmeier said the athletic department is acquiring reusable Underarmour athletic masks for use. Reardon said his student-athletes are not looking at how many fewer games they will play this year. “They’re happy they can play some games.” Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.