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Seward denounces Albany action

Feb 04, 2019 12:25 am
Chris McKenna reports for The Fray that last week Republican State Senator James Seward denounced all the laws passed by the new Democratic majority in the state legislature last month. Seward, who represents Schoharie, and Delaware Counties, as well as parts of Ulster County, accused Democrats of “making grandiose speeches and appeasing special interest groups,” while neglecting “affordability and upstate jobs.” Legislative Democrats, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, passed several new laws on election reforms, abortion rights. and gun safety issues. “These bills, sponsored by downstate Democrats, fail to recognize the importance of firearms to upstate hunters and sportsmen, or to those who live in rural areas where police response can be lengthy,” Seward said. “These measures will increase costs and barriers for law-abiding gun owners while criminals will simply ignore them.” Republicans controlled the State Senate for many years, most recently with the help of a few conservative Democrats, but the November election gave Democrats 39 of 63 seats there. With two more months in Albany, several more bills Seward won't like will most likely also be passed. Read the full story in The Fray.