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Supervisors table summer camp vax regulations

Feb 24, 2020 2:00 pm
David Lee is reporting for The Columbia Paper the Columbia County Board of Supervisors February 12, held a public hearing on a proposed new local law which would have established new immunization requirements for camps located in the county. But before the supervisors heard any comments, the chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee announced the proposed legislation would be tabled and no new county vaccination requirements for campers would be imposed in 2020. The measure would have mandated that both campers and employees have the same regimen of vaccinations as required by public and private schools, and was presented as an extension of the state school immunization requirements that went into effect in December. That law eliminated religious and personal exemptions, as well as some medical exemptions previously available. The board meeting on the 12th was attended by people ready to comment on the proposed law and the majority of them had come to voice opposition to the new regulations. Approximately 10 people spoke even after Supervisor Robert Lagonia, chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, said the law would not be reconsidered this year. Those who spoke expressed dismay with vaccination laws in general and anger with the new state law removing religious exemptions, seeing it as overreach. Lagonia said the matter will go back to committee and the members will take the public's comments into consideration before deciding how to proceed. Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.