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Catskill village says 'no' to Pilgrim Pipeline

Jul 28, 2016 6:45 am

Katie Kocijanski is reporting in The Daily Mail the Catskill Village Board voted Wed., Jul. 27, to oppose the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline project. In so doing, the village joins more than two dozen other New York communities, including the town of Catskill, against the proposed 178-mile double pipeline that would move Bakken crude from the Port of Albany to northern New Jersey, and then send refined crude back north to Albany, largely along the I-87 corridor. A portion of the pipeline would pass through a part of Catskill where the town and the Greene County Industrial Development Agency are hoping to attract significant development from the tourism or lodging industry. The board heard from Catskill business owner Arielle Herman on Wednesday. Herman pointed out that the pipeline would pose a threat to the IDA property, to the new Leeds sewer system and would also intersect the village's water supply at the junction of County Route 23B and the Thruway. “Pilgrim has not offered any description for how they would protect our water infrastructure from damage during the construction or operation of these pipelines, and, in fact, has failed to even acknowledge that our water supply exists within the proposed pipelines’ route,” she said. Village Trustee Vincent Seeley will attend the town board meeting next week and present a joint resolution for approval. While the measure will not be binding, it will make it clear the municipalities are opposed to the pipeline, he said. Read the full story in The Daily Mail.