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Majority of Columbia County Supervisors think judges don't need law degrees

Oct 31, 2023 12:43 pm

Jeanette Wolfberg reports for The Upstater that a majority of Columbia County Supervisors think it is just fine to have judges without law degrees. The State Senate recently passed a bill requiring town and village judges in “high volume” courts to have law degrees, and many local politicians are upset that someone ruling on a local case might be well acquainted with the law. On October 11, a majority of the Columbia County supervisors voted to urge the state legislators and governor to reject the bill. Columbia County Board of Supervisors Chair Matt Murell said, "I don’t want the state to tell us how local courts should go." Hudson Supervisor Michael Chameides and New Lebanon Supervisor Tistrya Houghtling were among those who did want judges to have law degrees saying, “I’ve been against resolutions that say, ‘New York State, you’re doing it wrong.’ I don’t think we should get involved in state legislation that does not affect us.” Read more about this story in The Upstater.