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Hudson mayor moves to create police advisory board

Jul 15, 2016 7:00 am

Roger Hannigan Gilson is reporting in the Register-Star Hudson Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton is in the process of establishing a police advisory board in the city. The group would serve as a liaison between the community and the city police, and act as a sounding board for complaints. The board, as proposed by Hamilton, would have no decision-making power, but would review police department reports, review monthly statistics and provide a forum for civilian grievances. A civilian review board with decision-making power would have to be created by the Common Council and then approved by the police union. Hudson Police Commissioner Gary Graziano said he is in favor of the board, but prefers it be called a “community liaison board.” Graziano said, “I welcome the interaction. The police department, as I’ve said before, has nothing to hide, and I’d be happy to sit in a forum and answer questions about what we do at [the department].” Alderman Henry Haddad, chairman of the Common Council’s Police Committee, said the proposed board should be a mix of civilians and officials, but added that the police department was already good at dealing with complaints. According to Police Chief Edward Moore, the department receives a complaint about every other month. Read the full story in the Register-Star.