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Can there be two Woodstock radio stations?

Feb 22, 2015 12:02 am
William J. Kemble in The Daily Freeman reports that longtime Woodstock radio station WDST (100.1-FM) doesn't want to let new Woodstock radio station WIOF (104.1-FM) call itself "Woodstock 104" even though it is a radio station in Woodstock on the 104 frequency. WDST General Manager Richard Fusco on Feb. 20 said the use of “Woodstock 104” will confuse listeners. “We’re are not looking in any way, shape or form not have her do it or in any way interfere with what (WIOF Chief Executive Officer Randi Steele) is doing, or in any way want to squelch her project,” he said. “We just saying do whatever you want to do, just don’t infringe on our trademark.” WDST says it trademarked the phrases “Radio Woodstock” in 1994 and “Woodstock Radio” in 2002. “The geographic location is what she is legally able to use," Fusco said. "But associating it as the name of the entity...is an infringement on the trademark.” Isn't the only information contained in the phrase "Woodstock 104" geographic location on land and on the dial? Read the full story in The Daily Freeman.