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Questions arise over Beals campaign loan

Apr 09, 2018 12:15 pm

Bill Mahoney is reporting for Politico New York Jeff Beals, one of seven Democratic candidates competing in the 19th Congressional District primary in June, is facing questions about the source of funds he loaned to his campaign last year. Beals has dismissed the issue as a "paperwork glitch." In June of 2017, Beals filed a financial disclosure report with the clerk of the House of Representatives that identified no personal assets and, with his wife, a combined annual salary of $72,500. In a campaign finance disclosure report filed 16 days later with the Federal Election Commission, Beals claimed that he contributed $56,000 of his own money to the campaign. That caught the attention of several district residents, and at least two complaints were subsequently submitted to federal officials. Craig Holman of Public Citizen called the behavior "highly suspicious." In a letter to Politico on April 4, the campaign claimed because Beals intended to make the loan at the time of the financial disclosure, "...acknowledging assets that would no longer be in his possession and were intended for filings with the Federal Election Commission was contrary to the open and transparent nature of the filing requirements.” Zack Feuer, a local co-founder of an anti-[John] Faso group said Beals' response "does not hold water." He said, “It does not stand up to any logical scrutiny and it makes me seriously doubt his integrity and his ability to be the Democratic nominee." Multiple people suggested the money may have come from his father, Allen Beals, the campaign's treasurer. Feuer said he's "heard consistent rumors" to that effect. Read the full story at Politico New York.