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Trump says he would have won NY lawsuit

Nov 23, 2016 12:02 am
Steve Eder reported in The New York Times that New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced Nov. 18 that Donald Trump settled a series of lawsuits over his defunct Trump University, agreeing to pay $25 million. Trump then tweeted that he would have won the lawsuits. "The ONLY bad thing about winning the Presidency is that I did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on Trump U. Too bad!," the future President wrote. But during the presidential campaign, Trump denied the charges, and at one point said he would eventually reopen Trump University. “It’s something I could have settled many times,” Trump said during a debate in February. “I could settle it right now for very little money, but I don’t want to do it out of principle.” Read the full story in The New York Times.