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New group backing automatic voter registration in New York

Jan 02, 2019 12:30 pm
Ken Lovett is reporting for the Daily News the newly formed AVR NOW will focus on the passage of legislation in New York that would create automatic voter registration. The group is part of the progressive think tank, Data for Progress, and will be headed by its co-founder, Sean McElwee. “This session in Albany, we have a simple choice: either keep a broken status quo and tolerate chronically dysfunctional elections or move into the future by ensuring our voting laws work for everyone,” McElwee said. Under the suggested legislation, a person’s name would automatically be added to the voter rolls when they interact with state government agencies — unless the potential voter specifically opts out. Agencies like the Motor Vehicles and Health departments or public colleges would transfer information on eligible voters to the state Board of Elections. The Board of Elections would then send a postcard to those people giving them a chance to select a political party or decline registration. Those who do not opt out would be automatically registered to vote. Fifteen states, including New Jersey and Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., have approved automatic voter registration. Read the full story in the Daily News.