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Today's local headlines

Jun 25, 2009 4:06 am
The 12534 blog shows off an image of the St. Charles Hotel, from an old postcard. Columbia County officials are trying to turn the 139-year-old hotel into a homeless shelter and Department of Social Services satellite office.

With contentious debate, Taghkanic ZBA signs off on Wilzig proposal
TAGHKANIC - The Taghkanic Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday voted 3-1 that the controversial sporting course/racetrack proposed by Alan Wilzig is a recreational use permitted by the town zoning code, with Moisha Blechman as lone dissenter. "The majority of the ZBA... finds the recreational sporting course proposal qualifies as a recreational use.... The findings are complete and will be forwarded to the Town Clerk,” said board Chairman James Romaine.

Camadine bid sets up challenge at GOP caucus
CAIRO - Former Greene County lawmaker Michael Camadine will challenge incumbent John Coyne for the Republican nomination for Cairo town supervisor at the party's caucus tonight. Camadine lost to Democrat Harry Lennon in the 2006 race for county legislature.

Tivoli Day
TIVOLI - Due to a lack of ... ahh ... preparation, Tivoli Day has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 1. Do not despair. It will be worth the wait. As details are dreamed up, we'll keep you posted.

Gillibrand proposes milk price plans for farmers
It costs dairy farmers $17.58 to produce a hundredweight of milk yet at the present time, the market is paying only $13.33 and Senator Kristen Gillibrand wants to do something to aid Hudson Valley dairy farmers and those around the rest of the state. Gillibrand is proposing legislation that would double the amount of money farmers get from the MILC program retroactive to the low point of the crisis in March. She will also introduce legislation that would index the MILC rate of $16.94 to inflation. Westtown, NY dairy farmer Brian Ford said Gillibrand’s proposals are a start. “What she’s doing is a band aid, help for now, but we’re running into big company manipulation,” he said. “Two companies have 80 percent of the (milk processing) market share so where do we stand. There are government regulations, but these big companies get around that but we saw that with Wall Street. Who’s watching whom?”

State Senate Mess Deepens
ALBANY -- After more than two weeks of deadlock, all 62 members of the state Senate showed up in the chamber Tuesday in response to Gov. David Paterson's call for a special session. At the end of a frenzied day that included dueling sessions in the same chamber, it was unclear if any of the legislation passed by either faction would stand up to legal scrutiny. "I've been a public servant here for over 20 years," Paterson said in a news conference about an hour after both sides stood at ease, "and what I've seen in the last two weeks in the Senate disgusts me. The Senate's inaction is a dereliction of duty. They've clearly forgotten who they serve."

State appraisal rules contributing to housing slump?
That's what the National Association of Realtors thinks. It is asking Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to delay the implementation of new appraisal rules, because it believes the changes are having a detrimental effect on the housing market.