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Audio Report: Faso visits the White House

Oct 24, 2018 8:02 pm
Click here to hear the audio version of this report (8:40).

On Oct. 22, at a political debate, Republican John Faso said he did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016, but that he voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the presidential election. The next day Trump endorsed Faso on Twitter, and in another debate later that day Faso was repeating some of Trump's key talking points. The Kinderhook Congressional incumbent claimed Oct. 23 that Democrats have a “mob mentality” and claimed that a Central American caravan of U.S.-bound migrants was organized by someone with a “political” agenda. Then, on Oct. 24 Faso left the campaign trail to go see his friend, the President. "I'm at the White House for the signing of a historic and bipartisan package to fight the opioid crisis. Included in the package is the STOP Act, which I was a primary sponsor of in the House. The STOP Act and the larger package will save lives," Faso wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, Faso and The New York Post attempted to turn his opponent, Democrat Antonio Delgado, into some sort of anti-Israel radical. "As currently constructed, you know, Israel is not a Jewish democracy. Those settlements make it so that it can’t be. So, we’ve got to have a two-state solution,” Delgado said Oct. 23 at the WAMC/News Channel 13 debate with Faso, referring to a deal to share land between Israel and the Palestinians. “Israel is not a democracy?! Israel is a strong democracy. It is a vibrant democracy. It has a vibrant free enterprise system. It has a vibrant agricultural system, culture... Israel is a democracy,” Faso responded during the debate, and Delgado answered back. “I said it is not a Jewish democracy. Meaning that given the fact that we have settlements currently in the region, it is not deemed a nation of Jewish democracy until we deal with the settlements. Until we deal with the settlements we will have that issue,” Delgado said. The Democrat also responded to the news of the day Oct. 24 of attempted terror attacks aimed at political rivals of the president with a press release and a Tweet. "I am deeply saddened and alarmed by today's reports of attempted acts of terror targeting public servants, leaders and journalists in my home state of New York and across the country," Delgado wrote. Faso also Tweeted about the issue, writing, "Justice will be served for those responsible for the attempted attacks against Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton and others. These actions run counter to our values and do nothing more than divide and terrorize our country. I am grateful for the Secret Service and local law enforcement." And Delgado also released a new ad Oct. 23, touting the endorsement of Republican former State Senator John Dunne of Chatham.
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