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Radio News: FCC says wireless mics don't get their own UHF channel

May 12, 2022 11:33 pm

Radio World reports that the Federal Communications Commission, on May 11, said they are not allowing electronics companies Sennheiser and Shure to use a vacant channel in the UHF television frequencies for wireless microphones. Both companies manufacture wireless microphones, which are typically used by stage performers so they don't trip over cables. Currently the FCC allows wireless microphone on empty broadcast television frequencies (TV channels 2-36), and also at 600 MHz duplex gap (653-657 MHz), while unlicensed wireless microphones may operate on a portion of the 600 MHz guard band (614-616 MHz) and a portion of the 600 MHz duplex gap (657-663 MHz). But there is not a single dedicated channel for their use. The National Association of Broadcasters, the lobby for commercial radio and television stations, argued against the idea. The FCC wrote, “Although we have concluded that we should not proceed with the proposals in this docket, the commission is committed to supporting white space devices and wireless microphones and has pursued, and continues to pursue, avenues to ensure adequate spectrum availability for the important services they provide.” The FCC is still considering a different proposal to allow Wireless Multi-Channel Audio Systems to use the TV bands and other LPAS frequency bands on a licensed basis.