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Three Republicans vote against Bogardus in committee

Jan 11, 2024 12:55 am

Michael Ryan reports for the Mountain Eagle that the Greene County Legislature reappointed Brent Bogardus as the county’s Board of Elections Republican Party commissioner, after several Republicans voted against him because of political reasons. As an election commissioner, Bogardus is there to make sure there is a fair election that follows the rules, but Bogardus is also chair of the Greene County’s Republican Party, where his job is to get Republicans elected. Three legislators voted against him in a committee vote for the first job because of how he did the second job. Patty Handel from Durham, legislature Chair Patrick Linger from New Baltimore, and Sherry True of Cairo voted against Bogardus in the Dec. 11 committee vote for political reasons. Handel said, “While I ran unopposed, I never got an email or a phone call, asking if there was anything they could do to help me with the process. In my opinion, Brent does not do anything for small, local elections. Many Republicans did not get assistance. We need to push hard to keep Republicans in office.” As election commissioner, voters, not candidates, should be his focus. By the full legislature vote on Dec. 20, the three Republicans had changed their vote to support Bogardus. Read the full story in Porcupine Soup.