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New York will take down illegal signs

Feb 03, 2018 12:15 am
Jimmy Vielkind reports in Politico New York that Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration announced Feb. 2 they were taking down state highway signs promoting tourism that broke federal law. The signs cost taxpayers more than $8.1 million to install. “As the current campaign and signs are entering their fifth year, this message has run its useful course and we already plan to launch a new ‘I Love NY’ campaign this summer to support our tourism industry," two Cuomo officials said in a press release. But officials at the Federal Highway Administration said the signs did not conform to regulations when they first went up. Cuomo's administration only took them down when the Federal Highway Administration threatened to withhold $14 million in funding from New York if they weren't down by Sept. 30. “The authoritarianism that has defined Gov. Cuomo’s tenure has come at the cost of millions of dollars that could’ve been put toward New York’s underfunded schools and deteriorating subways and infrastructure,” one Republican, Assemblyman Joe Errigo, said. Read the full story in Politico New York.