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Buffalo shooter wore type of armor not banned by new law

Jun 20, 2022 2:03 pm

Maysoon Khan reports in the Troy Record that New York legislators rushed to pass legislation after the mass murder of grocery shoppers in Buffalo recently. But the ban on sales of bullet-resistant vests to most civilians that legislators enacted does not cover the type of armor worn by the gunman who killed 10 people at that Buffalo supermarket. The shooter there wore a steel-plated vest, while the new law restricts sales of vests defined as “bullet-resistant soft body armor.” The soft vests, now banned in New York, stop pistol shots, while a steel-plated vest will stop most rifle rounds. “I’m not convinced that this legislation is very meaningful,” said Warren Eller, a public policy professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Brad Pedell runs 221B Tactical, a tactical gear and body armor store in New York City, and said his store sells more hard-plated armor than the soft type being banned. Gov. Kathy Hochul seems to realize she signed an inadequate bill, putting out a statement that said: “Governor Hochul was proud to sign the groundbreaking new law passed by the legislature to restrict sales of body armor, and will work with the legislature to expand the definitions in the law at the first available opportunity.” Assemblymember Jonathon Jacobson admits the legislation he was the lead sponsor on is flawed. “We wanted to get things done as quickly as possible, and not let the perfect get in the way of the good,” said Jacobson. “Like all laws in New York State, we always try to make them better in the future. Of course we’ll try to make this law better.” Read more about this story in the Troy Record.