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Cairo-Durham realignment plan to be reviewed

Aug 21, 2013 6:56 am
Kyle Adams is reporting in The Daily Mail the Cairo-Durham school district Board of Education has directed a review of the district's elementary grade-level realignment plan be conducted during the first half of the coming school year. The results are due to the board no later than Dec. 31. The proposal was put forward at a meeting of the full board, Tues., Aug. 20, and passed unanimously. Board member Gary Warner, said, the study help the board make "fact-based decisions to ensure a rational, educational and fiscally responsible path for our students.” Warner is an opponent of the plan which created a K-2 school in the former Durham Elementary building and a grade 3-5 school in the former Cairo Elementary building. Parents, teachers and community members have expressed concerns about the transportation plan, which they say will detract from educational time. In response to criticism of her leadership on the realignment plan, Superintendent Mary Fassett said Tuesday, she acts at the behest of the board. She said if the board chooses to change course and close a building, "you’re going to see me very enthusiastically turn around and work toward that end.” Read the full story in The Daily Mail.