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Resolution to recommend removal of housing commissioners defeated

Mar 22, 2018 1:41 pm
Amanda Purcell reports for Columbia-Greene Media that the Hudson Common Council voted 6-4 against a resolution March 20 recommending that Mayor Rick Rector remove the Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. The Hudson Housing Authority has been criticized in recent weeks for the deplorable conditions in Bliss Towers, the public housing near the Hudson River waterfront. Rep. John Faso toured the property and said, “The living conditions at Bliss Towers are completely unacceptable.... What I saw during a recent visit combined with reading the recent inspection reports made it clear that Bliss Towers needs immediate intervention by HUD." The vote at the Hudson Common Council was largely on color lines, with all the white council members voting against the recommendation to remove the mayoral-appointed members from the housing authority. Fourth Ward Alderperson John Rosenthal, First Ward Alderperson Rob Bujan, Fifth Ward Alderperson Eileen Halloran, Fifth Ward Alderperson Dominic Merante, Fourth Ward Alderperson Rich Volo and Second Ward Alderperson Dewan Sarowar voted against the resolution; First Ward Alderperson Kamal Johnson, Third Ward Alderperson Shershah Mizan, Third Ward Alderperson Calvin Lewis Jr. and Second Ward Alderperson Tiffany Garriga voted to recommend removal; Common Council President Thomas DePietro abstained. Those voting against the measure did not offer solutions for the conditions in Bliss Towers. “I am casting a no vote, but not because I didn’t see things that need to be addressed and need to have strong support by some of the council,” Halloran said. Rosenthal said he toured the site this week and, "I am going to vote no here because I want to do something more positive and supportive of the conditions there and the residents rather than something negative.” Earlier in the week the housing board Chairman Alan Weaver and Vice Chairman Randall Martin said they think Garriga introduced the removal resolution as an act of retaliation after Garriga was asked to leave her Bliss Towers apartment last year because she also owned a home on State Street. Read the full story at HudsonValley360.com.