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Employees have right to report COVID-19 issues

Dec 14, 2020 6:33 am
Columbia County reported 11 new COVID-19 cases on Dec. 11, 10 more on Dec. 12, and 22 new cases Dec. 13. Those 22 new cases tied Columbia County's record from Dec. 8 of the most cases on a single day. Columbia County Health Department Director Jack Mabb issued a press release Dec. 11 making it clear that employees are allowed to report coronavirus issues in their workplaces. “It has come to the Health Department’s attention that individuals have received threats by employers and coworkers after reporting previously unreported cases of COVID-19 in their place of work,” Mabb wrote in the press release. “The trend now is to see people resistant to Health Department COVID-19 involvement. That only helps to allow for the virus to spread. Further, the state Department of Labor would look very unfavorably upon that sort of activity." Mabb cited the New York State Department of Labor under “Complaints Related to COVID-19 Regulations”: “Your employer may not threaten or retaliate against you for complaining that the business should not be operating or has failed to take adequate safety and health measures.” Across the Hudson River, Greene County announced 13 new cases on Dec. 11, and of their 83 current active cases, 16 are in Catskill, and 10 in Leeds. After cases were found in both the Cairo-Durham Middle/High School and Elementary School last week, classes there are now all-remote until at least Jan. 4.