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School election results

May 22, 2019 12:59 am
School budgets passed throughout the WGXC listening area. Coxsackie-Athens schools reported, "Turnout was the third lowest since 1989, and the overall percentage of "Yes" votes was the highest since 1970.

The Altamont Enterprise reports in Twitter Berne-Knox-Westerlo school board election results.
• Budget passes 553-270;
• Bus proposition passes 603-215;
• Matt Tedeschi (438 votes) and Rebecca Miller (449 votes) win seats, beating Mackenzie Hempstead (379 votes) and Robin Becker (356 votes).

Cairo-Durham Schools report these results:
• Budget passed, 569-260;
• Bus proposition passed 594-236;
• Four board seat winners: Nicole Maggio (487 votes); Todd Hilgendorff (386); Dale Handel (358); Bernadette Gavin-Palmieri (338).
• Runners-up: Brock Juusola (312); Gary Warner (304); Dennis Burke (253); Claudia Zucker (253); Rob Conti (163); Robert Polestra (107); Steve LaFever (89).

Catskill School District reports partial election results:
• Budget passed 468-240;
• Library budget passed 516-195;
• "Due to write in candidates, Board of Education election results will be announced May 22," the school district's website reads. There are four open seats and only one candidate, Allan A. Couser III, successfully collected the required number of signatures to make the ballot.

Chatham Central School District
• Budget passed 393-99;
• Proposition #2, about a Student Representative on the Board of Education passed 443-47;
• Elected to the Board of Education: Muriel Faxon (377), a three-year term; Craig Simmons (362) a three-year term; Meghan Charron (336) a three-year term; Graham Button (321) a two-year term; Matthew Fisch (304) one one-year term. The school board's website did not list others who received votes.

Coxsackie-Athens Central School District:
• Budget approved (526-214);
• Proposition Two passed (498-228);
• The school's website failed to report vote totals, or complete results. Maureen Hanse, Michael Donahue, Nicole Canning were allegedly elected to three-year terms on the school board, though no specific results were listed for all who received votes.

Germantown School District results:
• Budget passed 160-89;
Andrea Provan (193 votes) and Teresa Repko (220) were re-elected, with seven write-in candidates also receiving votes.

Greenville Central School District
• Budget passed (427-120);
• Bus proposition passed (437-109);
• Property proposition passed (441-103);
• The school's website only reported two winners, and no losers, with David Finch (460 votes) and S. Jay Goodman (444) taking seats on the school board.
• The Greenville Library budget passed (473-74);
• The Rensselaerville Library budget passed (422-120).

Hudson Schools results:
• Budget passed 442-222;
• Incumbent Willette Jones (427 votes) was re-elected to a three-year term ending in 2022. The other two seats, which are also three-year terms ending in 2022, will be filled by write-in candidates. The school, "will announce these names once we have confirmed the write-in candidates are willing to accept the terms," according to Hudson's website.

Hunter-Tannersville Central School District
No results reported.

Ichabod Crane Central School District:
• Budget passed (787-477);
• Bus proposition passed (817-445);
• Elizabeth Phillips was elected to the Board of Education with an unknown amount of votes. Matthew Nelson and Jeffrey Ouellette were, the school website says without giving vote totals, re-elected to the Board. No others also receiving votes were listed on the school website.

New Lebanon Central School District:
Budget approved (141-7);
The school's website only reported that John Kalisz (109 votes), Timothy Lambert (128) and Robert Long (23 write-in votes) were elected to three-year terms. The school did not report who else received votes.

Taconic Hills Central School District
• Budget passed (519-135);
• Bus proposition passed (512-140);
• Board member election results, with two- five-year terms, and one- two-year unexpired term: Linda L. Lee (328 votes) for two-year term, followed by Lynn Brandt (229). Craig Bender (384) won a five-year term, as did Joseph Costa (355). Also receiving votes were Nadine Gazzola (317); Richard Herrington (one); Heidi Beneke Main (one); George Beneke (one); and Edward Fertik (one).

Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School District:
• Budget passed (105-22);
• Melissa Maldonado was elected to a five-year term on the school board with an unknown number of votes, and no other results were reported on the school website.
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