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Election results

Nov 03, 2021 4:30 pm
Some results updated: 11 a.m.

Greene County has election results here.
Columbia County has election results here
State ballot proposition results are available here.

Greene County Legislator District 1 Catskill (top four win)
X Michael Bulich (R, C) - 1,557 votes
Monique Chestnut (D, WF) - 851 votes
Doreen Davis (D, Catskill United) - 1,128 votes
Melanie Flannery (WF) - 69 votes
Jeffrey Friedman (D) - 976 votes
X Jack Keller Sr. (R, C) - 1,380 votes
X Matthew Luvera (R, C) - 1,608 votes
X Linda Overbaugh (R, C) - 1,490 votes
Neva Wartell (D, WF) - 880 votes

Greene County Legislator District 2 Coxsackie (top two win)
Charles Martinez; incumbent; Republican, Conservative; 1.033
Thomas Hobart; incumbent; Republican, Conservative; 964

Greene County Legislator District 3 Athens (top one wins)
Edward Bloomer; incumbent; Republican, Conservative; 719

Greene County Legislator District 4 Greenville (top one wins)
X Gregory Davis (R, C) - 604 votes
Randall Schmollinger (D, WF) - 264 votes

Greene County Legislator District 5 New Baltimore (top one wins)
Pat Linger; incumbent; Republican, Conservative; 417

Greene County Legislator District 6 Prattsville, Ashland, Windham, Jewett (top one wins)
James Thorington; incumbent; Republican, Conservative; 956

Greene County Legislator District 7 Halcott, Lexington, Hunter (top one wins)
X Daryl Legg (D) - 457 votes
Charlotte Meigs (R, C) - 306 votes

Greene County Legislator District 8 Cairo (top two win)
Michael Camadine (R) - 802 votes
X Sherry B. True (R, C) - 1,008 votes
X Harry Lennon (D, C) - 935 votes >
Bill Scheriff (D, WF) - 367 votes

Greene County Legislator District 9 Durham (top one wins)
X Patty Handel (R, C) - 389
Brenna Rustick (D) - 253

Ashland supervisor (one winner)
Richard Tompkins; Republican; 143
Write-in; 1

Ashland town board (top two win)
Jeffrey Gonzalez; Republican; 140
Scott Tuttle; Republican; 142

Ashland town clerk/tax collector
Dawn Thorp; Republican; 148

Ashland superintendent of highways Larry Tompkins; Republican; 144

Athens supervisor
Michael Ragaini (R) - 485
Michael Pirrone (D) - 574

Athens town justice
Constance Pazin; Republican; 723
Write-in; 4

Athens town council (top two win)
Mary Brandow; Republican; 576
Phyllisann Dinkelacker; Democrat; 455
Carl Gardner; Democrat 399
Anthony Paluch; Republican 485

Cairo supervisor
Jason Watts; Republican, Conservative; 1,088
Ted Banta; Democrat; 592

Cairo town justice
Joan VanDenburgh; Republican; 1,186
Write-in; 12

Cairo town board
X Mary Jo Cords; Republican, Conservative; 1,096
Lewis O’Connor; Democrat; 495
X Michael Flaherty; Republican, Conservative; 1,117
Thomas Vasquez; Democrat; 471

Cairo tax collector
Susan Hilgendorff; Republican; 1,302

Catskill town board(top two win)
Jared Giordiano; Republican, Conservative; 1,640
Dawn Scannapieco; Republican, Conservative; 1,594
Write-in; 37

Coxsackie supervisor
Richard Hanse; Republican, Conservative; 982

Coxsackie town board (top two win)
Patrick Kennedy; Democrat; 660
Thomas Burke; Democrat; 678

Coxsackie town clerk
Bambi Hotaling; Republican, Conservative; 1,067

Coxsackie superintendent of highways
Lawrence Ross; Democrat; 715

Coxsackie tax collector
Valerie Murphy; Republican, Conservative; 1,047

Durham supervisor
Shawn Marriott; Republican, Conservative; 462
Write-in; 3

Durham town justice
Michele DeCarlo; Republican, Conservative; 467

Durham town board (top two win)
Lisa M. Cirillo; Republican, Conservative; 387
Edward Kerrigan; Republican, Conservative; 400
Kiley Thompson; Democrat; 276

Durham town clerk/tax collector
Janet Partridge; Republican, Conservative; 479
Write-in; 1

Durham superintendent of highways
Joseph VanHolsteyn; Republican, Conservative; 473

Greenville supervisor
Paul Macko; Republican; 690

Greenville town board (top two win)
X Richard Bear; Republican; 552
Michelle Clark; Democrat; 332
X Travis Richards; Republican; 586
Greenville town clerk/tax collector
Jessica Lewis; Republican; 582
Michelle Clark; Working Families; 176

Greenville superintendent of highways Michael Dudley; Republican; 690

Halcott supervisor
Yukari Day; Democrat, Republican; 80

Halcott town justice
Kenneth Williams; Democrat, Republican; 81

Halcott town board (top two win)
A. Innes Kasanof; Democrat, Republican; 76
Judith DiBenedetto; Democrat, Republican; 78

Halcott town clerk
Patricia Warfield; Democrat, Republican; 80

Halcott superintendent of highways
Russell Bouton; Democrat, Republican; 79

Halcott tax collector
Robin White; Democrat, Republican; 80

Hunter supervisor
Sean Mahoney; Democrat, Republican; 690

Hunter town justice
Kimberly Prince; Republican, Conservative; 516

Hunter town board (top two win)
Andrew Poladian (R, C) - 314 votes
X Ernest Reale (D) - 423 votes
X Dolph Semenza (D, R, C) - 656 votes
Hunter superintendent of highways
John Farrell; Democrat; 602

Jewett supervisor
James Quackenbush; Democrat; 122
Gregory Kroyer; Republican, Conservative; 213

Jewett town board
Elida Bell (D) - 117 votes
Taylor Coloton (D) - 123 votes
John Giordano (R, C) - 201 votes
James Pellitteri (R, C) - 196 votes

Lexington supervisor
Jo Ellen Schermerhorn; Democrat; 195

Lexington town justice
Joe Cuesta; Democrat; 109
Steven Rossignol; Republican; 152

Lexington town board (top two win)
Michael Barcone; Democrat; 151
Susan Jo Falk; Republican 136
Bradley Jenkins; Republican; 148

Lexington town clerk/tax collector
Charlotte Jaeger; Democrat, Republican; 264

Lexington superintendent of highways
Kevin Simmons; Democrat, Republican; 254

New Baltimore supervisor
Jeffry Ruso; Republican, Conservative; 387

New Baltimore town board (top two win)
X Kelly Downes (R) - 327 votes
X Shelley Van Etten (R, C) - 343 votes
Thomasina Winslow (D, WF) - 290 votes

New Baltimore town clerk/tax collector
Barbara Finke; Republican, Conservative; 403

Prattsville supervisor
Greg Cross; Republican; 196

Prattsville town justice (vote for two)
Daniel Beckham; Republican; 155
David Rikard; Democrat, Republican; 189

Prattsville town board (top two win)
Kenneth Aurigema; Republican; 104
Mason Chase; Democrat; 91
Eli Martin; Republican; 155
Andrew Rikard; Democrat; 109

Prattsville town clerk
Kathleen Sherman; Democrat, Republican; 214

Prattsville superintendent of highways
William Sutton; Democrat; 147
Eric Jaeger; Republican; 92

Prattsville tax collector
Carole Cangelosi; Republican; 197

Windham supervisor
Thomas Hoyt; Republican, Conservative; 382

Windham town justice
Carol Donnelly; Republican, Conservative; 383

Windham town board (top two win)
Wayne VanValin; Republican, Conservative; 356
Ian Peters; Republican, Conservative; 300

Windham highway superintendent
Gary Thorington; Republican, Conservative; 371

Windham tax collector
Katherine Murray; Republican, Conservative; 387

Columbia County Sheriff
David P. Bartlett (R) - 8,707
X Donald J. Krapf (D) - 10,505

City of Hudson
Treasurer Heather Campbell; incumbent; Democrat; 935
Michael Hofmann; Working Families; 241

First Ward Alderperson (top one wins)
Claire Cousin, Democrat, Working Families; 251

First Ward Alderperson (top two win)
"Write-in," 187
Art Frick; Democrat; 163;
Gary Purnhagen; Democrat; 137.

Second Ward Alderperson (top one wins)
Abdus Miah; Democrat, Conservative; 150
Tiffany Garriga; Working Families; 45

Second Ward Alderperson (top two win)
Dewan Sarowar; Democrat, Conservative; 157;
Mohammad Rony; Democrat; 133.
Lee Bradshaw; Republican; 14

Third Ward Alderperson (top one wins)
Michael Chameides, Democrat, Working Families; 208
Write-in, 7

Third Ward Alderperson (top two win)
Ryan Wallace; Democrat, Conservative; 170;
Calvin Lewis; Democrat; 131.
Write-in; 118

Fourth Ward Alderperson (top one wins)
Linda Mussmann, Democrat; 135
Write-in, 6

Fourth Ward Alderperson (top two win)
Malachi Walker; Democrat, Conservative; 129;
Theodore Anthony; Democrat; 120.
Write-in; 6

Fifth Ward Alderperson (top one wins)
Richard Scalera, Democrat; 250
Write-in, 1

Fifth Ward Alderperson (top two win)
Vivky Daskaloudi; Democrat; 258;
Dominic Merante; Democrat, Conservative; 230
Rebecca Borrer; Working Families; 67.

Canaan supervisor (vote for two) William Powers; Democrat; 392
David Patzwahl; Republican; 314
John Reinhardt; Republican; 236

Claverack town board (top two win)
Douglas Colwell, Republican, Conservative; 1,112
Stephen "Hookie" Hook; Republican, Conservative; 1,112
Brenda Shufelt; Democrat, Working Families; 865
Brian Yorck; Democrat, Working Families; 795

Hillsdale town board (vote for two)
Thomas Carty Jr.; Democrat; 406
Jimmy Dawson; Republican, Conservative; 357
Joanna Virello; Democrat; 337

Livingston town board (top two win)
Casey Halladay; Democrat; 425
Philip Massaro; Republican; 605
Rebecca Schroeder Harcleroad; Democrat; 466
Thomas Shumsky; Republican 587

New Lebanon town board (top two win)
Marianna Anthonisen; Democrat, Working Families; 454
Britt Buckenroth; Democrat, Working Families; 427
Kevin Smith Sr.; VOP; 236

Taghkanic town board (top two win)
Elisabeth Albert; Democrat; 278
Joshua Plass; Republican, Conservative; 224
Linda Swartz; Democrat; 283

NYS Statewide Constitutional amendment proposals
With 15,388 of 15,485 Election Districts reporting:
Proposition No. 1: Amending the Apportionment and Redistricting Process
Yes: 1,196,940 votes (38.6%)
No: 1,508,400 votes (48.6%)
Proposition No. 2: Right to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthful Environment
Yes: 1,895,175 votes (61%) No: 853,731 votes (27.5%)
Proposition No. 3: Eliminating 10-Day Advance Voter Registration Requirement
Yes: 1,174,729 votes (37.8%)
No: 1,597,456 votes (51.4%)
Proposition No. 4: Authorizing No-Excuse Absentee Ballot Voting
Yes: 1,203,441 votes (38.7%)
No: 1,558,501 votes (50.1%)
Proposition No. 5: Increasing the Jurisdiction of the New York City Civil Court
Yes: 1,667,863 votes (53.8%)
No: 983,153 (31.7%)

Note: All election results are unofficial pending certification by the state Board of Elections.

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