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What would happen in 21st Congressional District if Trump picks Stefanik for VP?

Jan 31, 2024 12:45 pm

Dan Clark in the Times Union looks into what would happen if former President Donald Trump picks Rep. Elise Stefanik as his vice-presidential candidate. Stefanik, who represents Rensselaer County and the rest of the 21st Congressional District, would be the first nominee for vice president from New York since former Buffalo-area Rep. Jack Kemp was picked by Bob Dole in 1996. And local Republican leaders would get to hand-pick her replacement in Congress. Martin Connor, who’s considered one of the state’s top election attorneys, said, “Someone nominated for an office who is later nominated for a different office may decline the first office." Stefanik would first have to win her June 25 primary election to be the Republican nominee in her district. Jill Lochner, who has worked in early childhood development, announced a run for the Republican nomination last year, but Stefanik is the incumbent. Then, Trump could announce Stefanik as VP anytime, but she wouldn’t officially become the party’s nominee until July, when the Republican National Convention is scheduled for Milwaukee. After her running for vice-president is filed with New York State, Stefanik would have until “not later than the third day after the filing” to formally decline her nomination for Congress. Then, a majority of the members of the local Republican committees in each county of Stefanik's district would meet and vote on a new Republican nominee for the 21st Congressional District. Of course, all this is based on Trump picking Stefanik, which may be a long shot, as he recently publicly mispronounced her last name. Read more about this story in the Times Union.