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Metzger, Tague views different on farm bill

Jun 25, 2019 12:31 am
Paul Kirby at the Daily Freeman contrasts the views State Senator Jen Metzger, a Democrat from Ulster County, with Republican Assemblyperson Chris Tague, who represents Greene and Schoharie counties, on the Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices bill. The law, passed last week in Albany, mandates rights for farm workers, such as a day off, that employees in most other industries take for granted. Republicans, though, warn it will raise food prices. Metzger points out that Democrats listened to critics, and “the compromises include overtime pay after 60 hours per week ... and collective bargaining provisions that prohibit strikes and lock-outs, instead requiring mediation and arbitration of contract disputes similar to public employees unions." Tague seemed to suggest laws about farming were not possible. “As a former dairy farmer, I know this industry inside and out, backward and forward. There is no way you can legislate the nuances and unique variables that each farm has in terms of work hours and overtime," he said. Read more about this story in the Daily Freeman.