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Food trucks not allowed in Chatham

Apr 22, 2019 12:34 am
Emilia Teasdale reports in the Columbia Paper that despite a local law that dates back to 1930 against food trucks in Chatham, a food truck that has been parking on Main Street lately. Adam Moon said at an April 8 town meeting he has a letter from several local businesses “giving me consent” to park his food truck near their stores. Resident Lael Locke, who was on the village zoning update committee, said there are new food trucks allowed in the proposed new zoning law. But new Village Mayor John Howe said the board will get to the zoning eventually, but first needs to set a budget for next year. That may take more time than usual, as the Chatham board found out last year that the town had not paid federal and state payroll taxes for about three years. “I don’t think the food truck is a bad idea, but it has to be regulated,” said newly elected board member Melony Spock. Read the full story in the Columbia Paper.