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Radio News: FCC votes to begin the end of net neutrality

May 18, 2017 11:29 pm
The Hill reports that the Federal Communications Commission voted 2-1 May 18 to begin the process of ending net neutrality rules which currently make the internet an even playing field. FCC chief Ajit Pai’s proposal "Restoring Internet Freedom" would allow corporations to give higher paying customers better internet access, creating so-called "fast lanes" for the rich and "slow lanes" for everyone else. Protesters made FCC commissioners clear they were angry about the vote, and FCC plainclothes security guards manhandled a journalist for CQ Roll. The New York Daily News reported that, "Reporter John Donnelly said he asked FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly questions when the official was not in front of the podium — causing security guards to allegedly shadow him, wait for him outside a men’s room and pin him against a wall as the commissioner passed by, according to a release from the National Press Club."