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Poll finds New Yorkers fear the state will face another outbreak of COVID-19 in the fall

Sep 02, 2020 2:45 pm
Nick Reisman is reporting for State of Politics a new Siena College poll, released September 2, found that New Yorkers are worried that reopening schools could create too great a risk of spreading coronavirus. At the same time, the majority of respondents are hesitant to embrace indoor activities outside of their own homes, as well. The poll comes six months into the pandemic and provides a snapshot of how residents feel about returning to some semblance of mask-wearing normalcy as businesses and schools enter a reopening phase. The poll found: 62 percent of those surveyed believe a full reopening of K-12 schools creates too great a risk; 32 percent believe it can be done safely; 66 percent believe colleges should only provide remote educational instruction and not bring students back to the campus, while 27 percent believe a return to campus is safe; 58 percent said they would not dine indoors in a restaurant; 72 percent would not have a drink at a bar; and the majority of respondents are not comfortable working out at a gym, going to a movie theater or a bowling alley. The poll is potentially difficult news for businesses trying to entice consumers out of their homes to spend money. The poll also found that 51 percent of New Yorkers believe the worst of the pandemic is past, a decline from 62 percent two months ago. Only 34 percent believe the worst is over. A significant majority, 86 percent, are either concerned or very concerned that New York will face another outbreak of the virus in the fall. Read the full story at nystateofpolitics [dot] com.