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International headlines 3/8/11

Mar 08, 2011 4:44 pm
Rebels set demands for Gaddafi exit
Al Jazeera has the original reporting about an offer Libyan rebels have made to embattled dictator Muammar Gaddafi that they will not pursue him for crimes they say he has committed if he steps down from his post in the next 72 hours. Other news organizations are now saying Gaddafi is considering the deal.

China considers relaxing one-child policy
The Guardian reports that "Beijing is considering whether to adopt a two-child policy within the next five years, ending the three-decade-old one-child rule." Experts are warning that the country's population of 1.3 billion is becoming dangerously unbalanced, with too few adults of working age supporting too many of their elders.

Oil prices volatile as Opec ministers hold discussions
The BBC has a story about how members of the Opec cartel of oil producing nations have been informally discussing whether to hold an emergency meeting to discuss output levels. Kuwait's oil minister said Opec would now have to decide if there was a need to increase production to make up for losses caused by unrest in Libya and other sources.

Boeing Deals Show Rising Clout of Asian Airlines
The International Herald Tribune reports that airline manufacturer Boeing is saying that it has reached deals to sell a total of 43 aircraft to two Chinese airlines, underlining the growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region, and China in particular, for airlines and aircraft makers.

Che's motorcycle companion dies
Al Jazeera reports that Alberto Granado, who accompanied Che Guevara on an epic road trip credited with fuelling the revolutionary's sense of injustice, has died in Havana. Granado, a biochemist, and Guevara, then a young medical student, embarked together in 1951 on an epic road trip which took them the length of South America from their native Argentina. Granado's writings about the trip were later made into the film, The Motorcycle Diaries.