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Albany bill would mandate gender equality in product pricing

Jun 09, 2019 11:21 pm
David Lombardo reports in the Albany Times Union that two Democrats from in and around New York City are pushing a state law to prohibit businesses from charging different costs based on the products being packaged and marketed by gender. For instance, men's and women's beauty products, such as razors and shampoo, would cost the same, under the law from Senator Shelley Mayer of Yonkers and Assemblyperson Nily Rozic of Queens. New York City already has a law making it illegal for a retail establishment to charge men and women different prices for the same services. This includes dry cleaning services, where women have traditionally been charged more than men. In 2015, a study from the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs found that women spent seven percent more on average than men for comparable items. The survey also found that women's products were more expensive 42 percent of the time and men's products were more expensive 18 percent of the time. "Women have been subjected to lower class in society, at the same time they've been charged more at the store," said Linda B. Rosenthal, a Manhattan Assembly representative from Manhattan. "That's something we need to reverse." Read more about this story in the Albany Times Union.