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WGXC special announcement

Mar 16, 2010 3:19 am
Dear WGXC community members,

Over the last few months, we’ve been working tirelessly producing benefit events and preparing for the launch of WGXC’s FM signal on 90.7-FM later this year. Please see below for an exciting announcement regarding Prometheus Radio Project (a Philadelphia-based group that helps community stations like ours) who will help get WGXC on the air this September.

Urgently, however, we now need to ask you directly for your financial help.


As publicized, WGXC received a large matching grant from the US Department of Commerce to purchase the equipment (transmitter, antenna, etc) needed to get the WGXC-FM signal on the air. We must match this grant. Fundraising at the community level will demonstrate that we have local support for this effort that will sustain WGXC into the future. We’ve secured the means to extend our fundraising efforts towards the match into the summer, but WE MUST RAISE 5,000 IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS.

We are asking you to dig as deeply as you can to ensure that WGXC stays on track and can meet our matching deadline. If you are not yet a member, please consider becoming one at the highest level possible. If you are already a member, thank you, and we hope you’ll consider increasing your membership to the next level.

Founding member levels:

· ELECTRODES = 1 watt ($25 - 49)
· CAPACITORS = 2-4 watts ($50 - 124)
· CIRCUITS = 5-9 watts ($125 - 249)
· TRANSISTORS = 10 - 20 watts ($250 - 524)
· TOWERS = 21 - 40 watts ($525 - 1,024)
· ANTENNAE = 41 - 100 watts ($1,025 - 2,524)
· TRANSMISSIONS = 101 - 200 watts ($2,525 - 5,000)
Become a member by making your donation online at www.wgxc.org

Or send a check payable to

5662 Route 23
Acra, NY 12405

Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

You can become a Founding Member of WGXC by making a donation with a credit card through Paypal below:


As part of our launch preparation efforts, Station Manager, Kaya Weidman, and Program Manager, Tom Roe, put forth an application for WGXC to be considered a candidate by Prometheus Radio Project for one of their renowned radio station barnraising events.

We are delighted to report that WGXC has been selected! What this means is that in late September, radio experts from Prometheus will descend on WGXC for a weekend of events, workshops, studio perfecting, and engineering. Events will take place across Columbia and Greene Counties. Stay tuned for further details regarding the date and schedule, and we hope to see you then. Thank you Prometheus!

Thank you for your time and attention,
Galen Joseph-Hunter, Executive Director (galen@wgxc.org)
Tom Roe, Program Director (tom@wgxc.org)
Kaya Weidman, Station Manager (kaya@wgxc.org)

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