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NYC man rescued from Kaaterskill Falls

Feb 27, 2022 12:30 am

Andrea Macko is reporting for Porcupine Soup a New York City man was rescued last weekend after coming dangerously close to falling headlong from Kaaterskill Falls. Shortly after noon on February 20, Forest Ranger Katherine Fox received a report of someone stuck on the ice roughly seven feet from the edge of the falls. Department of Environmental Conservation Lieutenant Anthony Glorioso and Environmental Conservation Officer Lucas Palmateer also responded. Palmateer found the man and threw him a rope to stop him from sliding over the edge, according to the DEC. Fox then set up a static line, tied an improvised seat harness to the uninjured 56-year-old man, and secured him to the line. Fox then helped the man work his way back to safety. Fox, Glorioso, Palmateer, and members of the Greene County Sheriff's Office then helped the man back to his vehicle at the trailhead. The rescue took less than two hours. Kaaterskill Falls has been the site of an estimated 200 fatalities in the past 200 years. Read more at porcupinesoup [dot] com.