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Curfew announced in Albany during protests

May 31, 2020 6:33 am

Late on May 30 Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan instituted a curfew after a few protesters damaged property in the state's capital. "Effective immediately, I have signed an Emergency Order instituting a curfew in the City of Albany until Sunday, May 31, at 7 a.m. No person shall be in a public place other than emergency personnel and those commuting to essential functions," Sheehan wrote. There was a large protest over the murder by Minneapolis police of George Floyd, and by other police officers of other African-Americans that was peaceful during the day May 30 in the city's Townsend Park. There, protesters also marched for Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, Nina Pop in Missouri, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, Andrew Kearse in Schenectady and other recent homicides of African-Americans. There were also peaceful protests in Newburgh and Beacon on May 30. But a small group of people in Albany started a protest with fireworks, fires, and broken windows later in the evening, as other protests happened in most major cities around the United States. A state trooper was injured in Albany but police did not say if any protesters were hurt or if any arrests were made. Police also showed up to protect Colonie Center and Crossroads Mall late at night in Albany. In Rochester, New York there was a state of emergency declared and and a 9 p.m. curfew.