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JLE principal asks school board to keep him on one more year

Mar 19, 2018 12:30 am

Jeanette Wolfberg is reporting for The Columbia Paper John L. Edwards Primary School principal Steven Spicer, made a public appeal to the Hudson Board of Education March 12, in an effort to extend his employment beyond the current school year. John L. Edwards is slated to close in June. Beginning in September, students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through first grade will attend the Montgomery C. Smith School on Harry Howard Avenue. Spicer's job will be cut as a result. “I want to stay out of dedication,” Spicer told the board. “I know if you put your heads together, you can find a place and a title for me in the new building." Spicer argued that in the wake of a the massive upheaval the relocation would cause for the school's 130 children, his presence at the new school would "reassure them that all is well and ease their adjustment,... There is no way the district can lose with this,” he said. Spicer asked that his tenure with the district be extended one more year. The board did not discuss his request or take action on the proposal during the public portion of the meeting. Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.