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Durham's new supervisor under investigation by state attorney general

Nov 17, 2017 1:23 pm
Audrey Matott reports in The Greenville Pioneer that the state attorney general's office is investigating just-elected Durham Town Supervisor Shawn Marriott. The new Durham supervisor was unopposed on the Nov. 7 ballot, and just before voting, he posted online, "Approximately three weeks ago someone made an anonymous tip to the Attorney General's office about me. The claim had nothing to do with my Sheriff's office job, but a personal business that I have.... As standard procedure, I was placed on administrative leave at my office." Marriott claims that the attorney general's office and the district attorney's office, "have both reviewed the information, and both agencies have determined that nothing criminal took place." The attorney general's office did not respond with a comment to The Greenville Pioneer, but Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione did confirm that the attorney general's office is investigating Marriott. "As for all the particulars, I am not sure of them," Stanzione said. Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley seemed to contradict Stanzione, saying that it is a "personnel matter and is being handled in-house." The Greenville Pioneer says it has more than one anonymous "source" that is "close to the investigation" saying that Marriott allegedly, "provided a signature on a handgun safety course document for a friend who did not complete the course." In May, former Durham Supervisor Bill Carr, Jr. accused Marriott of unethical behavior in a memorandum to the town board. Marriott then refuted each claim at a July town meeting.