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Protesters in Hudson Valley speak out on Mueller probe

Nov 09, 2018 12:29 am
William J. Kemble reports in The Daily Freeman that several hundred protesters turned out to Rep. John Faso's Kingston office Nov. 8 to voice their concern that the President is obstructing justice by sacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Thousands of protests had been planned months ago around the country for the day after Donald Trump fired Sessions, and they were held at 5 p.m. in Albany, Kinderhook, Kingston, and other cities. “It’s outrageous that Sessions was let go, and it’s another example of obstruction of justice,” said Gardiner resident Laura Wong-Pan. “It was timed as a retaliation for what happened in the election and it just outraged me.” Protesters have been gathering at Faso's Kingston office every Friday for two years, but this protest was the largest yet, after Sessions was replaced by Matthew Whitaker, who has publicly criticized the Trump-Russia investigation. Faso told the newspaper he did not believe Whitaker needs to recuse himself on the matter. "I don’t think that would have a bearing on the matter one way or the other,” Faso said about Whitaker's previous statements on the issue. Antonio Delgado, who beat Faso in the Nov. 6 election to take over representing New York's 19th Congressional District, did not agree to be interviewed but Tweeted earlier in the day, "The A[ttorney] G[eneral] and D[epartment] of J[ustice] should always serve to protect our democracy and rule of law, not interests of the President. Congress needs to pass bipartisan legislation to protect the Special Counsel investigation led by Mueller from any outside or partisan interference." Read the full story in The Daily Freeman.