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New local music on WGXC this week

Sep 23, 2018 3:23 pm
New local music added to the WGXC Playlist this week:
• Ben Smith, "Picardy" album.

Recently added to WGXC's playlists:

Buke and Gase, "No Land" and "Pink Boots"(Brassland)

• Medeski, Martin and Wood, "Anonymous Skulls" from "Alarm Will Sound" (Indirecto Records) (available on Spotify)
• Rodney Alan Greenblat, "Beep Beep Type Music" (available on Spotify)
• Liam Singer, "Finish Him" (available on Bandcamp)
• Sowndhauz 7"; Music: Matt Harle, Words: Edwin Torres
• Jen Kutler "Worth" CS (NR41)
• Paluyota, "Free Genghis" CS (Budokiba.com)
• Nima Ashe, "Give Me Fire For Your Love" CD (Peoples of Planet Earth Records)