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Radio stations end battle over "Woodstock" name

Oct 13, 2016 6:45 am

William J. Kemble is reporting in the Daily Freeman a U.S. District Court has dismissed a case brought by WDST radio accusing not-for-profit radio station WIOF of infringing on the “Radio Woodstock” trademark by using “Woodstock 104” to identify itself. A federal judge issued the ruling last month after the parties agreed to settle. WIOF is now free to continue identifying itself as "Woodstock 104." “There was a stipulation that each side would bear its own court costs and expenses, which we had intended to collect from them because it was their mess,” said WIOF General Manager Ranid Steele. In speaking with the paper this week, WDST President Gary Chetkof said he still believes the use of “Woodstock” was indeed copyrighted by his station, but said the cost litigation was too much and led to the decision to settle. Chetkof said, “Frankly, ... I wanted to go to court and I just couldn’t afford to do it, so, at the end of the day, [it is] a low-power radio station that nobody listens to and ... I had to make a business decision that it wasn’t worth putting more money and resources into this thing.” According to WDST, it trademarked the phrases “Radio Woodstock” in 1994 and “Woodstock Radio” in 2002. WIOF began operations in September 2014, is heard at 104.1-FM and operates on 100 watts; WDST has been on the air since 1980 at 100.1-FM and uses 3,000 watts. Read the full story in the Daily Freeman.