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Saugerties wants grants to buy Opus 40

Jul 27, 2010 4:27 pm
From Lissa Harris in Watershed Post:
The Daily Freeman reports that the town's plan is to buy the massive bluestone sculpture [Opus 40] for $800,000 of grant money, and then turn the site over to a private commission to run it without spending taxpayer funds. [From the Freeman:]
Deputy Supervisor Fred Costello Jr. said the town is seeking grants that would total about $800,000 for the purchase of Opus 40. He said the $800,000 is “significantly” less than the asking price, but the town is hopeful the owners will agree to sell the property to the municipality because of their desire to see the bluestone sculpture park remain open to the public. Costello added, though, the town would not be involved in managing the property and taxpayers would not be financially liable for its upkeep. Read the entire story in The Daily Freeman.