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Doctoring by video screen discussed

Mar 13, 2019 12:09 am
Jeanette Wolfberg reports in The Columbia Paper that Columbia County Director of Human Services Michael Cole told the Community Services Board Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee meeting February 26 that more doctors will be treating patients from afar soon. He called health care providers interacting with patients through video screens "Telehealth." “Managed Care California is using Telehealth,” Cole said. “That’s the way of the future. They’ve programmed artificial intelligence to do assessments and recommend interventions by the book.” Christine Fish-Aker, co-chair of the subcommittee, wasn't as enthusiastic about the company, saying, “There is not one patient who’s by the book.... If I were a practicing psychiatrist, I’d have trouble not seeing someone face-to-face.” Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.